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I have accumulated vast knowledge in the course of my lifetime.  Knowledge through the ecstacy of incomparable success, and devastating loss.  The losses have been the greatest points of learning.  Life on earth is a succession of these contrasting experiences.  How to transmute the losses into success is the secret to life.  My specific endeavor in life has been as a musician.  There are universal laws that apply to all forms of human endeavor.  We simply cannot ignore those laws and succeed.  By obeying these laws, we can harness etherial power that has greater energy than the singular energy of one humans thought capacity.  Synergy occurs and a power much greater than the sum of its parts impacts the world.  My desire is to help others experience this wondrous power in their specific endeavor.

A New Beginning 

My life has had many twists and turns.  Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town gave me a feeling of safety and pride that we were a people of genuine love for each other as a way of survival in an unpredictable world.  The second World War had ended in victory for the Allies.  The industry of the region with cement and steel in demand gave many hard working, blue collar workers good employment.

I was a young boy then just discovering my natural born musical talents.  Little did I know that this gift was my way out of a provincial look at life.  I strongly believe the genisis of what I discovered came from those humble roots, and the need to expand on this limited lifestyle was the impitous for tremendous growth.  I have never forgotten those roots for those ideals are sound life principals to live by.  Essentially "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you."  It was easier in a small town because most everyone knew everyone.   To do harm to an individual would become instant news within the community.   Your reputation was at stake.  I wish this were the case in the community of the world.

Many important people supported me in my upbringing.  It truly did take a village in my case.  Numerous teachers, older musicians, clergy influenced me to become aware of my intuitive capabilities that led to astounding discoveries about human nature.  One very specific person, my private Clarinet teacher, Mr.G. played an important role in valuing me as a person first and a Clarinetist second.  Paul taught me how to teach.  All of my other training was minimal compared to my years with Paul.  I worked with him from the ages of 11-17.  When I graduated high school, I recieved all of his students.  He trusted me at a tender age to carry on his philosophy.  I have used those principals to this day, over fifty years now.

Those principals are simply to value anyone you meet by truly listening to them regardless of age, or position.  Then there is the kind of listening that goes beyond the five human senses.  That is a specialized listening that hears beyond the words to the deeper intention of a person.   Many times the person speaking doesn't know what they are feeling in the deeper recesses of their mind.  The teacher who understands this helps his/her students understand themselves better and then the student  can be taught, because they feel safe in that environment.   They literally feel genuine uplift from the allignment of the energy within them that has always been there, but  not understood. 

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